My Fatoora

This is one of those classic redesign projects. Investors of My Fatoora approached us to work on this project. The startup was growing quickly, and there was a desire to refresh the visual identity before they went international. How should My Fatoora show up, visually, in the tech world? We developed an identity that was the right amount of familiarity, smoothed out previous wrinkles, and decided that we needed one less h in the company name. The devil is in the details.


my Fatoora




Sarah Nawaf

We developed the logo with simple things in mind. Legibility, versatility, and design sensibility. Most tech companies exist in the realm of the color blue, and we aren't ones to try to reinvent the wheel. For My Fatoora, we went with a bright sky blue. This really gave the identity that little push—that oomph feeling you get when you pick the right color. Small but transformative.

We used the underlying grid, based on the relative thickness of the lines in the logo, as a guide to developing the rest of the identity—as well as an approach to the icon system. Which just means that mathematically speaking, all of these proportions make sense.

The type system reinforces a sense of form and function. Sans serifs for clarity and readiness in the lack of stylistic features. We opted for a monospaced font as a secondary typeface. It’s a quirk that works—a nod to the digital nature of this company. Overall, our focus was simple. We wanted to strike a balance between an identity that was strong, easy on the eyes, and didn’t obscure the company’s services.