Design for Sport

We were hired by the Kuwait Women Football Committee to create a visual identity for the country’s first-ever Women Futsal National League. That was where we started this project—naturally excited to be creating for something that was going to be a powerful force in Kuwait’s sports world. We were also asked to work on their Grass Roots Initiative—launching the two divisions run by the Women Committee simultaneously.


Kuwait Women's Football Association




Muneerah Al Shami, Mariam Mandani

This project started with us at the library, immersing ourselves in the archives of anything sports–related. In no time, our humble studio walls were covered in photographs, scans, drawings, color palettes, logos, ideas, etc. Needless to say, it was a unique opportunity, and we took full advantage.

Old sports ephemera gave us massive inspiration for our approach. The simple uniform design. Bold shapes, prominent borders. Contrasting collars, graphic pockets. Thick type. These are a few of our favorite things.

This book inspired a lot of the aesthetics in the project.

Originally, Kuwait's Football Team wore red. Now, the main team's secondary color was red, so we decided to focus on it for this identity. We re-centered it, and expanded to a bright palette of colors. Sports are exciting, alive—there’s so much drive in it all. If any identity was deserving of color, it was this project. We wanted everything about this identity to be celebratory.

The Grass Roots Festival Initiative logo is rendered similar to the Futsal National League’s logo—except we illustrated two athletes instead of one. It’s about the collective, in this case. Not the idea of the individual athlete, but the efforts on the ground—the grassroots efforts—to create an environment that encourages and supports young girls in football.

Somewhere in the middle of this project, we felt a strong inclination to update the Women’s Committee’s identity. The client was keen on the idea too. So we both managed to meet bureaucracy in the middle by keeping most of the logo’s original form—which was part of the KFA's larger identity—and adding type to it. It didn't transform much, but it brought a fraction of clarity to the logo that made it so much more communicative. We wrapped up the whole project by creating a triad of identities, fresh for the Kuwait Football Association.