A Classic Sandwich

Working on a project for a fried chicken sandwich is one of the most fool-proof ways to have fun. After working with us on a previous project giving Oak and Smoke an identity facelift, the folks behind Cluck’s Chicken came to us with the task of developing a visual identity for their new restaurant. We decided that, if anything, this identity should pull off one thing: to look as delicious as the product.

And that's exactly what we ended up with. A bright, crisp red. Thick type. Good-looking merch.


Cluck's Chicken




Nod Design Studio

We drew the logotype by hand first, and then ironed out our curves digitally.

With the logotype drawn in both English and Arabic, we wanted to communicate the same message—friendly and inviting. The rounded, disjointed letterforms are the sort of kookyness that worked so well for what we were trying to do with Cluck's Chicken. And the little chicken comb was just the cherry on top that tied it all together.

We built a very simple color palette that was mostly red and this creamy parchment color. The identity’s typeface was chosen similarly, with the simple intention of being easy to read.