Beyond the Mall

360 was undergoing massive change. What was officially named and previously known as the 360 Mall was branching out into a huge complex that was going to have, aside from retail expansion, a hotel and 18 tennis courts. We were hired to rebrand the identity. It was part of a whole transformation.






Shahad Al Asfour

We started the process with a question. What is 360? We wanted our work to answer the question by painting a bigger picture. It's been branded as this place of retail luxury, but for us, it proved to be so much more than that. People went there for everything. Groceries, cinema, tennis training, good steak, Lebanese food, family meals, athletic retail, Swedish furniture, indoor water fountains, outdoor water fountains, jewelry, polo shirts, British retail, coffee. The list goes on.

360's previous logo was always set in a circle with the word 'mall.'

But now you had this huge idea, which was impossible to brand. How do you visualize…everything? The name 360 came from the architecture of the building, it was built round. So we dug into that. Circles in nature, circles in music, circles in design, circles in food, circles in light. It was everywhere, and there was a certain wholeness to it that felt right.

So we owned it. And we asked them to own it with us. We built the identity on the circle. Everything else just followed. That decision was the best parameter we set for ourselves. Even the logo was built on a kind of perfect geometry. The precision of the logo made it bold and intricate at the same time. Mistakes would have been too easy to spot. So we measured—over and over again—to perfect the spacing between the numbers, and the angles within the logo. Everything had to add up.

The circle, though, was a secondary element. We didn’t want to be so heavy-handed or literal with the idea. But whenever needed, it was there.

We introduced a colorful palette to the identity. This was a way to really embody what it means to be open. We deepened 360's old yellow to this rich, warm yellow. And we added a mix of matte blues, airy mint greens, and a bright, peachy pink. The new 360 doesn't shy away from color.

The type system was developed to work for any design need: print and digital media, way-finding signage, Arabic and English. Our goal was to give all the text in and around 360 a fresh and updated look. Simple. Like the circle.

Coincidentally, the new visual identity rolled out around the time COVID-19 rolled into the country. The turning upside-down of time and life in general evidently put a pause on many things, while the team at 360 worked on making things work.