Reimagining ABC

ABC is Kuwait’s Applied Behavior Center. The center was founded in 2011, and they've been helping families and kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. ABC had been running for seven years when they came to us ready for a change. They had an old logo and a barely-there identity. We were essentially tasked with re-imagining the ABC.

We talked to staff and stakeholders, trying to gauge what ABC’s mission meant for them. Their three values kept coming up: they were professional, they were compassionate, and they were collaborative. For ABC, nothing was more important than these values.


Applied Behavior Center Kuwait


An identity refresh for Kuwait's Applied Behavior Center (ABC)




Shahad Al Asfour

ABC’s old logo was built on the idea of the puzzle piece, which has been a wavering symbol for autism. We used that as sort of a framework for the refresh, without explicitly representing the puzzle piece.

All photographs show people in activity, a way for ABC to represent their intrinsic humanity

For the colors, we decided to go with warmer, deeper shades of ABC’s old identity. They were a little too light and sterile, and we were going for something more animated, more real. We also developed a system to differentiate between their different services. Green for Early Intervention Services, yellow for Intervention Services and orange for Consultation Services.

For type, we went for rounded corners on a sans serif for headlines only. We aimed for approachability. The subtitles and body text were less rounded, more clear. Straightforward. No overkill.

A part of what we showed ABC were visuals of how this identity might live. How do the colors work? What does it all feel like when they come together? Print and digital advertising, materials like stationary and certificates, signage. Basically, the overall system of things.

And an umbrella.

Everyone likes an umbrella.

The website was designed to be simple and easy for parents to navigate. We used colors as devices. The titles are clear. No fuss. The whole project was about striking that balance between friendliness and professionalism—a balance that was essential to the center's ethos. ABC’s values really guided us through it. We all aligned to an objective. The rest came easy.

At ABC's open house, we presented the new identity to parents, staff, and stakeholders.