ASPD Sketches

We've worked on many identity projects with the Advancement of Sciences & Publishing Distribution Co., a client that we enjoy working with time and time again. The biggest project may be the continuous Oloom Magazine, but it all started with the humble logo. We've created logos for Gubgub, Ain, Taqqadum, Hud Hud, and E-Raf (a virtual bookstore). The sketching process of any logo is fun, and we think that these are particularly worth sharing.

Oloom and Taqqadum are both magazines published by ASPD. Gubgub is ASPD's publication line that mainly puts out children's books.

ASPD's platform for education is appropriately named al-Hudhud—after the Hoopoe bird who, as some legends will have it, is the bearer of news and can see deep through the earth for sources of water. Our sketches took after the bird's distinctive crown of feathers.